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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:30 pm
by PippUK
Hi. I just bought me an SSD and an SATA adapter (with power) to run on my old Dell P4. I have maxed its RAM (4Gb) and am dedicating it to my audio setup now that I have another pc (for general messing).

Should I put all my samples (and Cubase audio) on the SSD for rapid access, or the OS (WinXP) or both/neither etc. The other hard drive is large and relatively recent. It doesn't seem to struggle too much with XP.

The £66 got me 128Gb of SSD (at 3Gb p.s. speed). I doubt my pc can use it at that speed but I have been informed that wav/sample streaming will be definitely improved. I was almost tempted to buy a second one at the price, but I'm skint for a week or two and thought I'd try things cautiously with one first.

Peace Pipp