Hard disk backup and internal rom problems

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Hard disk backup and internal rom problems

Postby jookeen » Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:12 pm

I tried to fix a problem I have with my Orbit/Phatt ROM without any success. Tried to search for clues on the forum too, again without success. This is what happened: When I bought my E6400 Ultra I had the Orbit Phatt ROM presets loaded after I turned on the machine. The internal hard disk was full of samples I didn't need so I erased everything from it, using format. Ever since then the ROM doesn't load any samples. I reinstalled the presets but it can't find the ROM samples. Disable Sound ROM is set to NO.

I have also another question: Chicken systems translator sees my sampler's internal hard disk, it even correctly displays its size, but when I try to create a virtual image of the internal hard disk with the Create Virtual Drive function -> and I check copy the entire hard disk - > i get the following error HA:0, ID:6 at 0, Error: SCSI Sense Error. Anyone has an idea how to fix this? Long time lurker here, I would really like to integrate E6400 into my setup, it's a very inspiring musical instrument, please help :)
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