Help, just got a e6400

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Help, just got a e6400

Postby michaelcordedda » Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:00 am

Hey guys! i just got a emu e6400 and im trying to figure out how to use it to run audio through and use its filters and such. it didnt come with a floppy or anything just the unit and thats it! i can get the test tone working so i know it works fine, but as it is a cant use it for anything!
help me out guys!

Cheers, mikey
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Re: Help, just got a e6400

Postby mosrob » Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:32 pm

Hi Michael,

first of all you should download the manual and read about how the sound engine of the E4-series works and what EOS (= Emulator Operating System) is capable of.

With the standard E4-hardware you are not able to route an incoming audio signal through the z-plane filters in realtime.
Therefore you need an E4 Ultra including the RFX-32 card and a related analog or ADAT I/O expansion.
You can only record a sample, set up a preset where you have to assign the sample to a keyzone and modify the playback-parameter (AMP, Filter, LFO, etc.) of the keyzone.

You should definetly use a mass storage media like an internal HD for storing your sounds.
If you don't read the word ULTRA on the front panel then you can only use SCSI HDs or purchase a card reader from, if available, and use CF-cards as discs.

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