Is there ever a chance.....

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Is there ever a chance.....

Postby Bigmojo » Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:44 pm

.......that e-mu (as they currently exist) would stop arse-ing about with soundcards for project studios and start building proper hardware samplers again. Leading the way etc..... well no of course not but personally I just long for an Emulator 5 maybe? a big kick arse industrial looking, 61 key animal with design cues which nod the E1 and E2 plus a 2 or 3 U rack versions.

Standard spec 1 terrabyte hard drive. 3 gigs ram.

Software wise
1) a VST version (like the Virus TI) so you can work, sample and program from the VST and immediately save them onto the sampler and take them on the road.
2) A remote programmer to let you get your sequences and presets sorted from the PC (and backed up)
3) and get that JJOS bloke building the OS now he's left Akai

Connections 2 midi inputs 4 midi outputs, 4 USB2 and firewire, lightpipe, SPDIF

loading while playing, DVD drive, scratchpad sequencer... . oohhh what could be done nowadays...

I dream!!!!
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Re: Is there ever a chance.....

Postby AxiMaxi » Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:39 pm

My two cents:
The concept of expansions was okay, to make it affordable to buy and expand later when you saved some money.
On top, it should work with standard stuff, like a SATA hard drive and such.
So that's what I think they should start with.

But I'm not sure you'd want so many MIDI outs, 1 is fine, 2 is super, but why more?
It's gotta be a sampler, not a master keyboard. :)

What it SHOULD have, though, is lots of knobs, Virus/Nord-style.
To control the sound.

And of course standard feature to attach a qwerty keyboard, but hey... we already agree upon USB :)
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Re: Is there ever a chance.....

Postby override » Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:14 pm

well keep dreaming. i love old emu gear, but they way the company is going, they are probably now one of the worst contenders in the game. the pci sound cards were not all that bad, but now they're making these crap usb interfaces. with the release of the new long/short boards, i finally accepted the fact that that company will likely never ever make anything worthwhile again.

even that facebook post about re-releasing a classic product for their 40 year anniversary.. everybody wants them to do the sp1200.. what a waste of time. do the e4 platinum and get a freaking mpd if you want a sp1200 mk2

sad to say..
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Re: Is there ever a chance.....

Postby arkieboy » Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:49 pm

for me the key here is that the best way to prepare samples is to use a computer. but the best way to play them is a rack unit.

I think we need a proteus 2010 that works with SD Cards, has 2 midi ins, USB and has all capabilities of an RFX. Same old EOS architecture cause there's no better out there*. Load 16Gb of Emulator X banks sampled and prepared on your MAC (are you listening EMu) and go out and play gigs!

But, nah. No chance!


*I mean, just what do Roland think they're doing with the XV5080 and the Fantom XR?
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Re: Is there ever a chance.....

Postby razo » Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:58 pm

Once upon a time E-mu were driven by people "with a nose" for cutting edge technology that musicians wanted - try telling that to the "mangmentpeople" that now runs the business..
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Re: Is there ever a chance.....

Postby override » Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:15 pm

p2010 sounds like a nice idea for sure..
its too bad that building your own roms never caught on really. i would've loved to try it for my p2k but could never justify the $400 for the ram card.

in all fairness, it isn't really emu that's doing this, it's creative. they're just taking a good name through the wringer with them
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Re: Is there ever a chance.....

Postby Chevytraveller » Sat Jan 29, 2011 3:11 am

What a lovely dream.. sadly, that's all it ever will be, as Emu's hardware days pretty much number from the moment Creative bought them back in 1993. The hardware gradually died as Emu products gradually became designed by Singaporean committee and sadly lost their flair of the Rossum and Wedge years..
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