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Postby sz0n1ck » Mon Jan 12, 2004 2:38 pm

hi there,
consider this a 'formal' invitation, to all knowledgable and friendly EOA heaadz, to join us @ ...we're getting up and running only recently and so far some big things are shaping up for the technical forum, including in-house plugin designers and exclusive beta testing of experimantal software, plugs, and other creations, *exclusively* to memebers. basically its a chance to get in on the ground floor with plugin developers *looking* for ideas and input from the cutting edge DnB/experimental community. also LOTS of EMU-centric discussion (like how to hotwire proteus synths with custom wav roms etc) along with a massive linklist, software hardware and just plain ware(z) discussion :) theres also a forum for posting tunes whether they be unsigned, signed, whatever. and of course a place for generalized stoned rambling etc. won't you join us..
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