Command Station/ Proteus 2500 Question?

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Command Station/ Proteus 2500 Question?

Postby Prado Escondido » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:50 am

I guess this is part of 'everything else,' even if it is non-non-emu related.

Using Beats, in the Arp menu there is a page called Beats Mode. One of the entry sections is 'Status' and the options are to use P, for the preset attached midi tracks, or to select M, for Master Riff.

There are also some options for selecting which riff to use as the Master Riff ... presumably to use the same one for all the different Beats presets.

Selecting Master Riff doesn't seem to do anything.

Anyone here able to explain what it's supposed to do and how your are supposed to use the Master Riff settings? The manual mentions the settings, but does not really say anything about how it is supposed to be used.

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