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too much stuff?

Postby om » Sat Jun 26, 2004 12:41 pm


I've got a small setup.

XL-7 command station (beats/sequencing) maxed with all four ROMs filled
E-synth ultra / with the entire EMU sound library plus about 50 sampling cds.
Emulator X on my computer
and a Yamaha AW-16G hard disk recorder

This aint no great setup, but I've spent the whole day doing stuff like getting my library setup up for Emulator X. Trying to decide if I'm gonna keep the E-synth ultra. (I still like it, and I think its effects are kewler than the X, my 2 cents).

Anyway even with this small setup, I feel like I have too much choice.
I'm really wanting to get things setup so all I have to do is go in and do what I want to without rerouting stuff all the time.

Has anyone else ever felt this frustration?

maybe a midi patch bay would help. any recommendations?
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