Converting old EOS banks to work with Emulator X?

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Converting old EOS banks to work with Emulator X?

Postby Incite Beatz » Fri Dec 30, 2005 9:51 pm


I have an external SCSI harddrive which is used for a hardware E6400. Anyone know how to convert these banks so Emulator X can read it? As I find the software becoming more stable, I see myself moving further away from the hardware version. Help anyone?

Incite Beatz
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Postby illinformed » Sat Dec 31, 2005 10:58 am

Hey, Incite I've been wondering the same thing for a while.

I bumped this thread up on the 'unofficial' Emu forum and got a response from someone called E-MU Bruce (not sure if his is official Emu or not).

Anyway, my bumped question asked about transferring banks via FAT32 Zips Disks and he replied that someone at E-MU had been successful in doing what I requested (although he didn't post the specifics). Unfortunately FAT32 requires the requires dreaded EOS 4.7, not everyones cup of tea.

If you're below 4.7 then you could always use the Translator Free route to burn your EIV banks. There is a file conversion tool that is supplied with EmuX however this doesn't work EIV banks. The way around it is not to use the supplied conversion software as EmuX can load in EIV banks directly, they can then be saved as an EmuX file - nice.
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Postby cephalopod » Sun Feb 26, 2006 8:45 pm

Replied to other forum thread; whole thing echoed here for convenience:

1. Me
I have an e6400 (classic, maxed, int. HD, ext CD) and would like to obtain EmulatorX as well - IF the banks can be saved and loaded into each other interchangeably.

Emu tech support at first told me 'no problem', then when pressed changed their tune and decided it cant be done (probably official support/liability issues *shrug*)

Can one save hardware EOS images, import them to EmuX?
Can one save EmuX images and get them into the e6400?

If so, I'd run out and buy EmuX in a heartbeat as it would make my conversion of studio work to live situations a snap.

2. Ichi
***Yes but there are several caveats.
1) You can't use any of the new features in EX(24 bit, 192K, unlimited file size, additional cords, preset mods, CC Wins, new amp curves, new filters, FX etc...) as they don't exist and will not work in E4. So in a practical sense it's really a 1 way street from the old to the new since EX redefines Emulator in so many fundamental ways.
2) There's no direct control or communication with the E4. Data is moved via SneakerNet.
3) CD media is the easiest to move as we have a foreign file library to deal with this. HD's will be more difficult as you will need to use EOS4.7 to create a FAT32 disk that can be read on PC. There are tips at on how to burn a EOS disk.

3. Bruce
Hold on Brother Ichi. EOS v4.7 is Beta (not officially supported) and can only be used with Ultra series samplers.

To do what you want to do, can really only be done using SCSI with a program such as the full versions of Soundfroge or Wavelab that have sampler support. Again, something we do not officially support. Or... play the sample in real time and re-record it either in the hardware sampler or in EmulatorX. You would then need to make/edit your loop points, setup your filters, make into a preset ect...

4. Latest reply

@ Bruce
Fully aware of resampling/soundforge scsi transfer options, and that's my (far less satisfying) fallback option. The whole point of my post though is that I would like to avoid having to do that. Being able to setup and use a bank in EmuX, then by whatever means transfer to the e6400c would justify the cost of EmuX. Otherwise there's no reason for me to obtain it.

This would be just fine, I don't work at those higher resolutions anyway, and the options in oldEOS would be more than sufficient. I primarily just want to be able to use the softsampler as a composition tool with direct bank transfer (by any reasonable means) to the e6400c. Sort of an editor librarian on steroids.

@ All
Are we sure that EOS4.7 is ultra only?

And more the point, is 4.7 the only EOS that would enable me to use the sneakernet option? I have an internal SCSI HD and external SCSI CDROM I can use for the SN experiment. plus of course the CDRW and SCSI card on the PC, and am not at all adverse to the idea of swapping internal drives around if need be.

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Postby madtheory » Sun Jan 14, 2007 9:36 pm

I have an ESI4000. Emu X will read CDs or DVDs of Emu samples. So you need to make your HD data into a CD or DVD.

With Toast, you can do a device copy. I make a disk image from the Emu HD, which is hooked up via SCSI to my Mac G3. Then burn that image. Toast complains that it cannot recognise the format, that's cool because it's not programmed to copy Emu sampler discs.
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