EMU X3 a massive rip off

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EMU X3 a massive rip off

Postby Mr Wud » Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:22 am

This software is doomed - you'd have to be out of your mind to buy it. The upgrade from X2/1 at $200 is unbelievable.

raed the stuff on the other forum
- http://www.productionforums.com/viewfor ... 4ecc27dbbb -

and no, as a paid up user I will not stop commenting on the lying and cheating of this company, and I will do my best to make sure other punters are not ripped off until they supply a working version, with a working converter - that I have already paid for - that was sold as a major feature of of X1/2.

Mr Wud
Mr Wud
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Postby Rascal Revenge » Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:37 pm

Well, although I made the post that X3 is there and shipping bla...

I'm kinda with you, returned my package once out of anger about the X and more :finger: , though the audiocard delivered a fantastic audio-quality.

If previous versions and new X3 only were working AS ADVERTISED, even for the new version I have my doubts.

It COULD be so easy, they have the best softsampler in the world, that's my opinion over and out, the features ARE great, but I f.... want something that's working without a problem. There is something wrong in the human department at E-mu, but the problem is maybe more a Creative problem. Hey E-mu, it's so easy: PROBLEM >>> SOLUTION !!! They should hire some pros to fix their stuff, wondering who is (beta-) testing there, guess it's the user. I'm pessimistic. But I watch out what people say about the X3, i.e. how/if it's working (drivers !! / all features !), Who knows, cough cough. :???: :roll: :???:
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