emu xmidi 1X1 and EMUX2 ?

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emu xmidi 1X1 and EMUX2 ?

Postby shaun » Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:38 am

1st post and greetings, ok I`m a bit of an Emux2 fan/user after getting a good deal with the 2x2 interface.
anyways what i`d like to confirm is this... Can the xmidi 1x1 interface be used as the `dongle` for the software, much like the 2x2. I have an EMU xboard 49 too!! but am looking for an affordable option for portability with the laptop, as I`m sure you`re aware the X2 requires an `X` device to be present or won`t initiate.. Cheers. :slayer:
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Re: emu xmidi 1X1 and EMUX2 ?

Postby Niklas » Tue May 19, 2009 2:17 pm

The 1x1 can't unlock the proteus x2 :cry:
I have an xboard 61 and Proteus X2. But it isn’t always I want’s to use my xboard, and I’ll need hardware to unlock my Proteus X2.
Can I get the xmidi 1x1 to unlock my Proteus X2 or do I need to by xmidi 2x2?

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