Cant open my EMU CDs

Everything on the first soft sampler from Emu.

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Cant open my EMU CDs

Postby Burchin » Wed Jan 19, 2005 3:46 pm

Hi to all
I have an Emulator x Studio and a E4xt Ultra. When i want open my EMU-CDs with the Emulator x Studio there was nothing. I put file Typ to EOS Banks , but nothing, i tried all File Typs nothing. Whats this ? I think he can read EMU Cds or all EOS Banks ? Please Help .
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Postby willy77fr » Sat Jan 29, 2005 2:37 pm

Because the Converter Tool works on everything excepted EMU formats !
You don't need Converter to do that.

Just launch your Emulator X, and select the "System" selection on the bottom left of the navigation view, this selection is between "Sampler" and "Library".

Then select the drive where your EMU CD is (normally appear as SCSI or EMU type drive),
then you should see the banks, browse them, select and import ...
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Postby dgeezah » Sun Feb 20, 2005 10:51 am

aaah thnx for the info! i thought my old cd's were worthless. Was already thinking about re-recording all the sounds :shock:
Is there anyway to convert these sounds into emu x format(windows doesn't 'recognise' these cd roms, only via emu x )? Or to bring these files to my desktop instead of loading it from cd-rom?
I find it very strange for EMU NOT to support their own formats! there should be a way to covert EOS banks to emux banks, no? or am i missing something here..... Been busting my head over this for some time now. :roll:

edit: found a way: load the bank via your emuX-browser into yr smplr, then file-save as..... :roll: (duh!)
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Postby Clemens » Sun Jul 20, 2008 3:38 pm

The import or load via system is definively not working!! Here we have to wait for Emulator X3 (emu announced the it will be able to read all EMU the CD- Drive. The only option nowadays is to save the emu files in the hardware sampler as 4xb files on a IDE-HD using EOS 4.7 and than transfer the files onto the HD of the PC. Thus, the files can be easily readen. However, what a work!!!!!!
Maybe someone knows it better - then please post it here!!
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Re: Cant open my EMU CDs

Postby Pete » Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:45 am

My X-converter crashes in xp on EIII files, or won't let me at 'em if I change the compatibility year. Other files too; I hate it.

But the demo of Chicken Systems Translator will translate the EIII banks to Emulator X ones.

I found that you can load a lot faster from a virtual CD player that plays an ISO image file.
Used "Daemon Tools Lite" for it, but it got inconsistent behavior with X2 - needs investigating.
CDXTRACT works with it, but it will work with an ISO image anyway. Fast.

This program is good for image file making: ( dd for windows ).
The dd program came from Linux, so you could probably use it easier, with a front end, if you have Linux, or a live CD of it.
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