Creating multisamples

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Creating multisamples

Postby JAHFUNK » Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:22 am

A member asked me the way I create multi-samples from a synth, so I thought I would share my approach.

If you would like to multisample a synth or VSTi and add it to your emu library try this out.

Fully open the filters when sampling LPF patches so all frequencies are captured. With even frequency content the loop points will blend more easily.
You can then filter the results on the emu. This gives you so many more sound sculpting options later, allowing a much wider range of synths to be created from the original multisamples.

The same thing applies to the amp section. I usually set the decay time very short and the sustain quite high, as this makes looping the samples much simpler, this is because the volume of the sample start and end points match.

Also make sure the amp and filter keyboard tracking are off on your source synth, as this will improve multisample transition points and therefor avoids awkward changes to the sound as you move up the keyboard.

So basically - open the filter and amp on your source synth and then shape the samples later in the Emu!
You can then recreate the amp and filter elements of the original patch inside the sampler to match the initial patch, but you also have the option of creating many more possible variations, and as you know I love assigning these parameters to midi c/controllers.

Sampling in this way makes the looping process much simpler and the samples are much more usable.
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Re: Creating multisamples

Postby ogenic » Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:54 pm

Here's a Video I came across, may be helpful. ... plpp_video
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Re: Creating multisamples

Postby JAHFUNK » Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:10 am

ogenic wrote:Here's a Video I came across, may be helpful. ... plpp_video

Yes great video but the whole point of the approach I outlined is to avoid the multiple sampling of each key with progressively increased filter cutoff.
My method instead uses less samples but gives a finer control of filter cutoff movement by only sampling the full frequency range and then using the samplers filters to shape the sound. The beauty off this approach is that you have a totally fluid transition from open to closed filter, spend less time sampling, use less of the samplers memory and achieve more realistic synth presets.
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Re: Creating multisamples

Postby monsterjazzlicks » Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:07 pm

Thats great JaFunk.

i will bear this in mind when i get my MultiMoog synth out of service in a few weeks, as i may have a go at sampling it with the EMU. Ta.
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