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#1 2017-05-24 18:39:06


SATA HD not recognised

Hi all.
I hope someone can help me. I'm having problems getting a SATA HD recognised by my new E4XT. I have searched through numerous threads but haven't found an answer. I don't know what else to try...

Originally the E4 had EOS v4.01, 1999 stock PSU and 3GB IDE HD (E4.5 PROD SET SOUNDS).
I successfully updated to EOS v4.7, I could access the HD/browse/preview sounds no problem.

I than installed a new PSU (SunPower SPS 060P-T2 60W) and an IDE<>SATA Bridge(Wintech SAK-65),
the wires have been crossed/modified, formatted the new HD on MacOS as FAT32.
HD not recognised when pushing the "DISK/BROWSE" button. It hangs/freezes for about 1-2min then only shows the D9 Floppy Disk.

Completed "InitEE".

HDsel(F1) hangs for good 1-2minute show's only "Drive: Floppy Disk"

Pass: 5000+ it kept going but once finished didn't provide me with any prompt or result it just returned to menu.
Errors:000 (as far as I saw)

?D9 DESTROYS ALL!" This looked like it was doing something for about 6-8h but then just reverted back to menu. No difference

HDmedia(F4) "? No defects"

CODE:0000 Key:0000 Status:00000000
Sector: Not Valid" <----could this be something??

HDcsum(F6) "? SCSI error"

Like I said I've searched hi and low but can't find anyone with this problem. Have I missed something somewhere?

Any help very very appreciated!
Big big Thanks!

Ps-the SAK65 bridge is set to "DEVICE". If set to "HOST" the front display does not turn on.


#2 2017-06-17 08:32:01


Re: SATA HD not recognised

Hi 2cno,

what is the size of your new FAT32 formated HD? EOS has certain max. size limit of storage it can handle, not sure how much it is. Try formatting it to say 120 GB. Also, when I format any drive, I leave some free MB before and after the partition being created. Don't know if this is any help.

Edit: Phil has some valuable info. Check the section about EOS file system and sizes. … discs.html  (Feb-2020: link corrected - Phil)

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#3 2020-02-07 14:48:24


Re: SATA HD not recognised

Can you explain this better : ?    the wires have been crossed/modified,


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