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#1 2020-07-15 22:23:25


E5000 (ultra) backlight

Howdy, all!  Hope this finds you safe and healthy.

I'm working on an E5000 Ultra with a dim backlight.  I've already adjusted the contrast control within EOS.

It has what appears to be LED backlighting.  Two white wires come from the back of the LCD assembly, and plug into the main board using a light brown connector, with "LED BACKLITE" to the immediate left of where it plugs in.

The CCFL connector is not soldered in place, and it looks like there is space for a CCFL inverter that is unfilled as well.

It's green and (kind of) dark.  Works for me in a dim room, but not as well as I'd like.  Love to get it brightened up.

Anyone know of a mod to increase the brightness?  Eg a better current limiting resistor value?    I'm not adverse to upgrading the leds that are in there.

Thanks for any assistance,

Edit:  getting 4.96vdc between the two pins on the connector.  Front panel is off (will D5 the buttons while I'm in there).  The LCD panel is exposed and it looks like a rather nice one; great build quality.

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#2 2020-07-16 03:33:34


Re: E5000 (ultra) backlight

Update on the buttons, in case someone is faced with the same thing. 

TLDR: Deoxit D5 is definitely worth a try before doing switch replacement..

This unit had been sitting in a pawn shop here in Denver for ages.  I bought it in a going-out-of-business sale.  So, there was not an appreciable amount of usage wear on the front panel (encoder, graphics, buttons).  Just some double triggers that seemed to be gradually being less of a problem as it was used.

I pulled the front panel, and freed up the button/encoder boards.  The latest cans of Deoxit have "WD40" style built-in spray straws, rather than the L/M/H style rotating metering spray heads (which I & others prefer).  I gave the switches a liberal bath of pressurized D5, twice, and operated each switch multiple times and tilted at multiple angles (including inverted).  Let dry a bit, and reassembled.

All is great so far.  I went through a few EOS menus, using every button that I could, and it was consistently registering one event for one press of a key.

Only thing I couldn't test was the RAM/ROM assignable button, but I don't completely know the nav menu for EOS 4.7.

Going to guess that - in this example - having a "spray n pray" dispenser can might be more time and cost effective, versus the previous spray head.  Ymmv et al icon_smile


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