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#1 2020-11-14 19:42:26


E6400 Ultra EOS4.7 replace HDD but keep old contents - any ideas???

Hi fellow Sampler-ers!

I've had my sampler for a year now and love it dearly.  However, due to space limitations (and my partner's lack of appreciation for the Ultra's looks), I will be moving it from the tabletop position and into a desk side rack unit.

What does this have to do with replacing the HDD?  Well, previously I was using sample CDs (and a SCSI CD-ROM drive) and, as that will no longer be possible, I've spend agggggeeessss loading them onto the existing (20gig?) HDD.  However, I ran out of space before getting them all on!  So I'm now looking for the best way to replace the internal HDD (my understanding is the 120gig is the max) - but anyone got any idea how I can 'migrate' the contents (days of work!) onto the new drive in a way that doesn't see me painstakingly copy across all the individual banks again?

I was originally thinking to-
1) get a SCSI caddy (if such a thing exists) to mount the new IDE HDD
2) Connect it to the back of the sampler via SCSI
3) Use the 'Back-up' function in EOS 4.7 to copy the contents of the 20gig (internal IDE) to the attached 120gig drive
4) Open up the sampler and swap over the two drives

I have a nasty feeling it's not going to be this simple but wanted some guidance from anyone who may have done anything like this before.  Can SCSI support an external HDD that large?

Another option i was thinking was remove the internal HDD from the sampler, clone an image of the HDD to my Mac (using a usb caddy) > write the image to the replacement HDD - but I'm unsure how this will play out as the image may need extending (once on the new HDD)?  Has anyone done this before?




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