Vocal Slicing/ Dicing Tips? (Region Explode!)

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Vocal Slicing/ Dicing Tips? (Region Explode!)

Postby Prado Escondido » Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:49 am

I posted this question over on the Emulator X forum on Music Production: No love ...

I'm going to try again here, but it's awfully quiet. Seems like I'm the only one I can find excited about X3.

"One of the things I was most excited about with X3 was to be able to slice/ sample a vocal track, export the midi file, use the midi file with the new 'vocal' preset to change tempo and rearrange the vocal phrases.

I've got the basics down ... at least one way to do it ... with doing a beat analysis with "beat" off in the sample window and then tweaking the note markers and opening the region window in Voices and Zones and exploding the region.

It basically worked ... but several issues came up.

1. I never could get X3 to accurately find the tempo of the song ... although it came within a couple of BPM. I looked for some place to enter the tempo ... I see a little entry with the analyzed tempo on the sample edit page ... but couldn't change or enter any other value.

2. If a beat marker fell between two note markers, explode seemed to chop the note into two parts. It seemed like the beat marker was another note marker as far as explode was concerned.

3. When I exploded, I entered the actual tempo of my vocal ... and the timing was perfect when I used that file to trigger back the preset on X3. But, there were obvious artefacts on about 1/4 of the samples when played back. (I wondered if this was because I set the % value to high in the beat analysis? Does lower percentage tend to gather larger/ longer phrases?)

So, any advice or tips? Just move all those note markers by hand? (ugh!)

Thanks in advance."

Prado Escondido
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Re: Vocal Slicing/ Dicing Tips? (Region Explode!)

Postby saxmidiman » Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:59 pm

Did you read the manual? You have to turn on the "lock to tempo" button. I do love emx3, and have been using emx since it first came out.
Let me know if I can help you in any way. I am now working on the twistaloop and also learning, and could use a friend who is near the same learning curve.
Les King
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Re: Vocal Slicing/ Dicing Tips? (Region Explode!)

Postby Prado Escondido » Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:58 am

Les ...

I'm pleased to know there is someone with an interest in this software! This is just a quick 'touch base' response to let you know I am eager to connect with a fellow 'learner.'

I haven't read it cover to cover but over half and all the sections on what I'm interested in. I also worked through about 2/3rds of the tutorial examples pdf ... and bought that video from a guy whose name I'm blocking on at the moment. It is a great resource.

I've found the best things is to cheat ... find a factory preset you like and copy all the voice and matrix settings to my sample preset and tweak a bit. There's a lot of stuff i haven't really found any documentation on ... like the different pitch shifting algorithms in the sample edit pitch shift process.

I'm right in the midst of upgrading my setup to Win 7 x64, and my next move is to install X3 and get to work.

I'll get back anon.

Your screen name looks real familiar from some other forum. Gearslutz? Cubase? BIAB?


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