NEW! Cheap Removable Icydock HD Caddy!!!!!!!

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NEW! Cheap Removable Icydock HD Caddy!!!!!!!

Postby JAHFUNK » Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:56 pm

Fancy adding a removable hard drive on the cheap?

Just letting you E-MU heads know that the eBay seller I bought my bays from has more in stock.

They are only available in beige, but I think that would look OK in the E-MU, but the best news is they only cost £10.95 delivered

These IDE drive bays are long discontinued and are like gold dust to find, so if you're interested don't hang about.... WIGIG!
I'm just about to buy a spare one.

NEW! IcyDock MB-448AR 2.5" IDE Hard Drive Caddy Beige



You could be up and running with all the required cables, parts and 2 bays for between £25 and £40 depending on wether you want to mount the second bay into a PC tower or an external enclosure.

This is a seriously good price, it works out less than the price of a second hand SCSI Zip drive.

For info on how to do this simple mod see here.

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