RFX EMU - keep it in one post

Any problems with your Ultra sampler should be reported here, hopefully someone might know what's wrong.

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RFX EMU - keep it in one post

Postby division2000 » Sat Dec 13, 2003 1:42 pm

hey, lets write everybody in here, so we dont have to loose time jumping around...



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Postby cm_locuss » Sat Dec 13, 2003 6:52 pm

word 8-) i'm under warranty i think untill june or july 2004, whens yours up division2k?
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Postby cm_locuss » Sat Dec 13, 2003 7:13 pm


did you receive a letter withe your rfx card. iwish i had it hear...shit. i know that the first four numbers that make up your serial number, is the date the unit was built. my serial number states that the sampler was made may 2003 (0503 are the first 4 numbers). in the letter i got with my rfx card said all samplers built before a certain date had to be shipped to an authorized emu dealer to have the power supply changed to supply sufficient power to the card free of charge. what is your serial? i'll check my letter when i get home tomorrow and i'll let you know exactly what it says....easy :spliff:
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Postby division2000 » Sat Dec 13, 2003 7:55 pm

my warranty is till 16.01 if they will respect that one year...i may be in different situation then u guys as i got it as refurbished unit with lower price...it was full Platinum with everything...

and they said the guarantee is 1 year...

and about that number on rfx, i dont have any??? and its too much hassle to take it out of a rack and unwire everything...

i will make some action soon...very soon, otherwise i am fucked...will keep uposted...

i need more data from all of u...

d2k :slayer:
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Postby dugawug » Sat Dec 13, 2003 8:01 pm

yo yo yo,
my serials are both way beyond Sept 2001, the date that seems to be the cutoff for old, bunk power supplies. here's an excerpt from another thread:

"That depends on when your sampler was manufactured. If your serial number starts with 0901 (Sept of 2001) or later, you won't need the new PS, apparently."

I have 9 months warranty left, so i will be probably getting my E4's taken in.

But let's remember that there are a variety of RFX/EOS/E4 sampler issues and let's be clear on what can be fixed how:

1. apparently, like my own and cm_locuss's, some E4's just freeze up like crazy on 4.70 and still crash alot w/ Gen Trap errors w/ 4.61. this is the original problem that brought me to the forum and should in no way be tolerated. EMU support wants to tell me it's my RFX card, b/c i didn't buy it brand new. fortunately, a homey out here in my area who has an E4 with a working RFX card will let me try his RFX card in my sampler probably next week. if his card doesn't work in my box either (the second one i will have tried) w/o all these crashing issues, then cm_locuss, me, and who knows how many others have something seriously up with our units...i was imagining the power supply issue, but again, my serials are way new (like Feb 2003 and Nov 2002). so whatever this issue ends up being, let it be known i'll find out fairly soon what it is and i'll let people here know. anyone with this problem and still under warranty should send their shit in to get fixed ASAP, i'd say.

2. major problem #2 is "random panning" which i read about first here:
http://www.basscadets.co.uk/emu/ now this is a shitty bug inherent in EOS, apparently any version, tied to RFX and who knows if it will ever be fixed. in fact, i talked w/ EMU's tech support Manager, Dan at extension 1219 if you wanna ring him!, and he straight out told me that "there is nothing in the works for a new revision of EOS" and some shit about "the focus is on the new (software) line for next year". so this problem seems to have no hope of being fixed unless we REALLY bug them to. i told his ass that me and many others are frustrated w/ these remaining bugs.

3. major problem #3 is only in 4.7 apparently, the "outbursts" problem. also i read about this one here: http://www.basscadets.co.uk/emu/EOS470.htm
again, an EOS problem with no EMU intention to fix it. the only thing is you can avoid this one by staying w/ 4.61, of course, losing the cool ability to read FAT32 and the cool Compression plug in.

anyhow, that's my summary of the major RFX issues i've been talking w/ people about here on this forum. of course, there are even a few more 4.7 bugs discussed on the basscadets page i gave above. anyhow, i'll be checking into the crashing problem (#1 above) real soon, but the others are solely up to EMU to fix. all i can say is let 'em know you want at least a fucking final bug free EOS version b4 they just drop us for good like this! :slayer:

oh, p.s. EMU still hasn't replied to my email about fixing 4.7 and not leaving us in the dark. whatever their lame ass reply ends up being, i'll post it.

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Postby cm_locuss » Sat Dec 13, 2003 8:24 pm

they havn't replied to me either but its only been a day. i doubt they will as i was fairly rude with my words. i think after i read some replies from emu to us dogs, depending on what they reply i'm considering sending my rfx card for repair and see what happens from there. i just don't want to have to pay for shipping :cry: . but i do know they pay for the return. time will tell how much they care about they're "past" products. peace :pimp:
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Postby division2000 » Sat Dec 13, 2003 8:51 pm



it seems that problem is really with rfx card...
we need to get them fix this thing, as common sense is saying to me that it must be a way, either through physically altering rfx card or through writing an EOS that will work...

we all know that EMU has [had] an unquestionable reputation and that they were first on the commercial professional audio market [fairlight CMI was way too expensive to be considered commercial]...

as i work with students and allways used EMU products when talking about samplers, i was kind of unpayed ambasador of EMU...now, if they leave us here without fix, i am going to be very contraproductive...that will be my last weapon...

can we make a ring or chain with all friends/audio buddies we know that have an issue with RFX and make them do something for us...

and, i never used EOS 4.7

i am happy with this, just i want :random panning: to go away...



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Postby illinformed » Sat Dec 13, 2003 9:15 pm

This was an email sent to me from a member of a different emu group in July 2003 - It shows they've been aware of the bugs even before 4.7 was released!!! It seems strange that they were aware of the bugs and then released an OS that did not resolve the most fundamental ones.

We know this bug was not introduced in 4.7, but we didn't really have
consistent reports about it until posts in Sept. '02, after 4.7 was
basically done. By that time all development on EOS had ceased, so
that's why it wasn't addressed during the upgrade from 4.61 to 4.7.

The RFX board has newer HChips (filter chips) which DUPLICATE the filter
chips on the main board - that's one reason the RFX board was so damned
expensive. This is required because the old HChips don't have enough fx
sends per voice channel to implement the RFX bussing model nor do they
interface nicely to the RChips. Consequently, there is a whole different
body of HChip driver code - though NOT the filter models - which is
invoked when the RFX board is installed, and when the board is removed
the system mostly reverts to the old code.

This new driver code is a somewhat suspicious area that could be
responsible for some of the most recent bugs (noise bursts, random
panning, "missing attacks"), but it's possible that the problem lies
elsewhere. Even with all the data posted to the forums, including test
banks, we have had a lot of difficulty reproducing the problem
consistently around E-mu.

This difficulty is compounded by the fact that there is no one left at
E-mu to do any kind of EOS development. Creative management wouldn't
forbid it, but it would have to be done on unpaid personal "free" time,
which of course nobody has.

Consequently, fixing these bugs is kind of an underground activity, and
is going to rely alot on active support from users. The strident voices
demanding "E-mu should fix this" etc. are wasting their time, because,
basically, no one at Creative is listening anymore and the company
doesn't feel it owes anything to past customers. However, positive
contributions from users can still have a material impact, since they
have the effect of motivating the personal efforts of those of us "in the
underground" who have the ability do something about it.

The argument about not having consistent reports just doesn't make any sense to me - anyone with a half a decent set of ears can identify the problem and in my opinion it was would have been obvious before the RFX was released to Joe Public. Just think of the amount of quality employed by emu in producing the EIV range before advent of the RFX. In my opinion the RFX was rush released just to make themselves a few bucks in what may have been a tricky financial period or maybe a time of company transition.

I'm with you division2000, random panning is the big issue for me as well. I would easily sacrifice the compressor/vocoder/fake ring mod to reslove the issue.
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Postby division2000 » Mon Dec 15, 2003 12:12 pm

hello everybody,

i have succeed to get in touch with some important names in audio business and it seems that they are willing to help... :slayer:

however, i have to be carefull and at this moment with names and companies, so please dont ask right now for more information...

what i need from all of you is following:

#1 post of all EMU replies u got...
#2 model [for ex: E4XT + RFX or Full Platinum, or similar]
#3details of problems u have [we all know it, but i can not spend my time writing for all of you]
#4 your name/country and if u have warranty

hey illinformed, who is the author of your quote from above?


CHEERS, and stay with me on this one

d2k :slayer:
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Postby illinformed » Mon Dec 15, 2003 2:37 pm

#1 Had no official dealings with emu
#2 RFX + e6400 Ultra serial starting 0302 (March 2002 supposedly)
#3 Random panning
#4 UK, warranty has run out
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Postby cm_locuss » Mon Dec 15, 2003 7:33 pm

I just recieved this 10 minutes ago its a reply from a letter that i sent last week in regards to all the issuse that eveyone is having. ez

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your email.

I will certainly forward your email to the appropriate department. We
have had a few requests from users to look at these issues and we've
send the requests to our engineers. We will let you knwo as soon as we
have some more information.

Unfortunately I don't have any info on future operating system for the

For further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

Norman Van Geerke
Technical Support
E-MU Systems
+353 1 433 3205
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Postby division2000 » Mon Dec 15, 2003 9:43 pm

cm_locuss, i need your original post to emu...and your name and model u have...otherwise i can not just use your post as it could be anyone...if u dont want to do that here, send me a private message...

and i forgot, i need serial number of all thr guys who will post as requested above...tnx...

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Postby dugawug » Mon Dec 15, 2003 9:51 pm

yo yo yo, back again :thumbs:
first off, good on D2K for really taking some initiative here...we just might get a big company to do something for us that they should, but don't want to! many thanks to everyone who's helped (D2K, CM_Locuss, IllInformed, etc.)

ok, so here we go. this is good timing as EMU just finally got back to my first email which i'll post again here:

1. my first email to EMU (sent through their site so i don't have the date):

i am a recent purchaser of an E4XT Ultra and an RFX-32 card and am very unpleased that there are some major bugs with EOS in regards to the RFX card. one known bug, "random panning" has apparently been an issue in nearly every version of EOS. and 4.7's bug, "outbursts" is really a big one. i've been on forums and websites and many other people are frustrated with these issues like me. i'd like to hear that you are working on these and i want to know when a full and clean version of 4.7 will be released. i hear you are moving to software and i'd like to know you're not leaving your hardware users in the dark. thanks!"

their first response Dec 15 2003 :

We have not been given an official announcement about when a final
of eos 4.70 will be complete. At this moment, i can only assume that
must be a reason why 4.70 is not a current download on our website.
I am documenting your complaint/bug report so that it gets notice by
software developers.

E-MU Systems Inc.
Technical support
831-438-1921 xt.4

my reply on Dec 15 2003 :

i appreciate your documentation and interest in
helping me (us really...me and many others) about this
matter. of course, i realize EOS 4.7 was never made
official (although my brand new E4XT came w/ it
pre-installed), however, it does have nice features
which would be great to use (i.e. FAT32 support,
Compression plug-in, etc). furthermore, i understand
the "random panning" bug is an issue even w/ EOS 4.61.
either way, all I/we are asking is for one final, bug
free version of EOS 4.7. that's all.
thanks for helping me try to make this a reality. any
futher info. on this would be appreciated. i've been
on many web forums and i am getting many other users
with this same wish to let you know of there
frustration with this matter as well. i apologize on
their behalf for i've heard some people have wrote you
emails that maybe aren't as friendly as mine. ;)
unfortunately, that's where we're at. it would be
great to hear this could be resolved. i appreciate
your help.

#2: i got two E4XT Ultra's (anyone want to buy one? :grin: )
serials: 020301839 and 110201775

#3: problems? well, my units, like CM_LOCUSS's unit, freeze up like crazy running 4.7 and crash frequently but with "gen trap" errors on 4.61 with the RFX card installed. the crashings seem to happen way more often/quickly when accessing RFX menus. w/o the RFX card, there are no crashing problems. i've also heard about the random panning bug, apparently in about any version of EOS and the 4.7 bug, "loud outbursts", BOTH BUGS TIED TO THE RFX CARD, but I haven't even been able to use my units with an RFX card to experience these bugs yet personally!

so there you go...

again, all i really want EMU to do is just give us one last version of EOS that is 4.7 but w/ no bugs! it isn't too much to ask, is it!???
but hey, they really just might be taking notice of this since i think we're doing a good job of making some noise.

to anyone who HAS Emu issues and HASN'T wrote them, do it now!!
we need the support and we all might actually get what we deserve here!!!
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Postby bass cadet » Tue Dec 16, 2003 10:50 am

Just like to thank everyone for their support on this issue - its certainly bringing it to EMUs attention.

I've had a lot of emails about this through the site - sorry I haven't had a chance to reply to every one.

bass cadet, emu4zone.
bass cadet
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Postby razmo » Tue Dec 16, 2003 12:34 pm

Hi there!

I've noticed that EMU is selling their last R-FX cards and options extremely cheap, but is selling the RFX really legal? ... I mean, they are deliberately selling hardware options that they KNOW is not 100% functional, and they KNOW IT! and have no intention of fixing the problems... Someone ought to warn happless customers from that kind of deceivement don't you think? ... Perhaps THAT warning might get Creative (a name they certainly do not deserve by the way) responding with the needed cash for finnishing off the EOS as they should.

Regards, Jess D. Skov-Nielsen.
Regards, Jess D. Skov-Nielsen.
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