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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby ja-ki » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:04 am

Wow, great share Jahfunk! (following you on soundcloud btw)
Could you shed a little light on what those patches do in further detail?
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby JAHFUNK » Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:03 pm

Hi ja-ki
Patches are as described.
You need to check the cords to figure out how things are modulating and controlled by controllers.
You really need a controller set up to get some sense from these presets, these presets show how flexible the cords are.
Emu engineers designed and named them Cords because they really are like the cords in a modular synth that patch modulators to alter the sound output.

Some of my cords have midi C/Controllers effecting modulators values that are modulating other modulators that are then patched to filters, pitch and volume.
Some of the cords may seem a bit baffling at first but you can draw things out in a linear diagram to see the logic.


ENV 3 --- modulating LFO rate ---- LFO with RAMP wave patched to pitch, filter cutoff & AMP
ENV 3 --- also modulating the pitch

LFO RATE ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Pitch volume and frequency quickly slide down then jump back up instantly, then over time the effect slows down, at the same time the pitch is also being slowly bent downwards by ENV 3
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby JAHFUNK » Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:42 pm



As much as I like the Ultras filters they do have their own sound and sometimes you need a different type of filter to broaden the sound pallet.
Using a couple of different cord creation techniques I have devised a way of using the filter sound of the source synth.
Here are four presets made using these cords. They could be used as templates for your own sounds.

Multi samples were taken from my Novation Nova. The synth was sampled with an overdriven low pass filter, sweeping through the frequencies using a slow envelope setting.

The demo has a real old school drumbox while 2 simple step sequences playing the same preset.

000 Nova Crunch Move
001 Nova Crunch 2 Move (Same as Nova Crunch Move but with added fifth note)
002 Nova Crunch V SS
003 Nova Crunch 2 V SS (Same as Nova Crunch V SS but with added fifth note)

000 & 001 Manually modulate the Sample start with controller A or automate modulation with controller L
002 & 003 Velocity has been assigned to the Sample Start point in the cords section, this creates the illusion that the sound is coming from an analogue synthesiser with velocity set to filter cutoff .
Effects have been set in the Presets so turn on the internal effects.


Controller A - Sample Start(0 = Start - 127 = End)
Controller B - Filter Freq (0 = Off – 127 = Full)
Controller C - Filter Res (0 = Off – 127 = Full)
Controller D – Filter Envelope Amount (0 = Min – 127 = Max)
Controller E - Filter Envelope Attack (0 = Fast – 127 = Slow)
Controller F - Filter Envelope Decay (0 = Fast – 127 = Slow)
Controller G - Filter Envelope Release (0 = Fast – 127 = Slow)
Controller H – Portamento Amount/Glide (0 = Off – 127 = Full)
Controller I - Amp Envelope Attack (0 = Fast – 127 = Slow)
Controller J - Amp Envelope Decay (0 = Fast – 127 = Slow)
Controller K- Amp Envelope Release (0 = Fast – 127 = Slow)
Controller L – LFO to Sample Start Modulation Depth (0 = Off – 127 = Full)

To get the best results use samples containing a lot of filter movement. If using multi samples try to keep all samples the same length otherwise the results are unpredictable.
You also have the option of using the emu filters, resonance, filter envelope, Amp envelope and glide with cont/controllers to further shape the sampled sound.
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby JAHFUNK » Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:56 pm



Using the mighty THOR synth I have made an emulation of the famous Moog Vox Humana sound. This is much closer than the last version I posted, I’m lovin it with some glide.

Three versions are included in this bank.

000 - Amp Envelope decay will effect the sound.
001 - Amp Envelope decay is disabled for infinite sustain.
002 - Has an LFO modulating the Highpass filter & Resonance. The LFO Rate is subtly modulated by the midi clock, this adds more movement to the Preset.

All synths presets have been mapped to controllers as usual, and effects are inside the presets so switch on internal effects.
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby override » Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:26 pm

JAHFUNK wrote:Controller A - Sample Start(0 = Start - 127 = End)

Cool idea with the Nova Crunch chords. Reminds me of old tracker tricks to simulate filter movement when the software didn't have filters

Looking forward to checking these out
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Drum Envelope Shaper

Postby ja-ki » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:30 pm

Finally, after hard work I can present you a working Drum Envelope Shaper. Big thanks goes to JAHFUNK who solved the "holdphase" issue (which was the biggest part of this preset!)

This preset allows you to shape a drumsound via Ampenvelopes to your liking and uses 4 Midicontrollers, resulting in a AHD/R (Attack, Hold, Decay (=Release)) Envelope


MidiA: Attackstartvolume. Only works if MidiB is set higher than 0 otherwise it will get deactivated.. This tells the sampler where to set the volume at which the attack starts. Set to 0 it will start from complete silence.
MidiB: Attacktime. This sets the time it will take from the Attackstartvolume you set with MidiA to full amplitude.
MidiC: Adjusts the holdtime. The higher you go, the shorter the hold, resulting in a very short "click" when all other parameters are turned down (depending on the sample aswell)
MidiD: Sets the decay/release time. The higher you go, the longer the decay/release.

Of course you can remap the Midicontrollers in the Cord setup to your likings.

You can read the whole story here: viewtopic-f=9&t=4731.php.html
B.004-drm env shp
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby fsm » Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:38 pm

Good work. Look forward to try it out.
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby JAHFUNK » Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:44 pm

I will check this out.
Even tho i haven't used it yet I know it will be useful, it's the sort of thing you didn't know you needed till you work with it, then you open up a whole new way to shape sound.
Fab tool, great work, thanks for sharing.
By the way I hope to post a drum bank in the next week. Almost complete, samples done (226) mapping at the moment, then I will make a demo, documentation and post it.
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby ja-ki » Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:23 am

Yes! Been awaiting your drumbank for a long time now, I really struggle to set up a drum bank efficiently, looking forward to it!

Btw, you can do cool automation stuff on drumbreaks with that env shaper preset. Just put every single sound in an own voice and let all voices use the same 4 Midi controllers!
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby override » Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:41 pm

been meaning to upload something for a while. here's a start:

Override Meeblip Bank
Some patches I made sampling a DIY synth called the MeeBlip. It's an AVRSYN synthesizer built around the Atmel AT90S8535 microcontroller.. basically an dirty, monophonic 8-bit synth. You can get some interesting sounds out of it though (and with the EMU I've managed to get some pretty analog sounds!). There are a few samples that are included which are unused in the patches I've made so check them out. There is no fancy multi-sampling happening here. All the patches are just one note stretched across the whole keyboard.. Each patch name indicates what controllers are active (eg. MW = modwheel, A = midi A etc). They all have some preset FX as well so make sure your FX is set to follow the preset instead of master.

Here's a list of the patches & brief description:

Squares MW ABC
- meeblip square waves. MW at max steps the pitch up/down a 5th. midi A = filter, B = resonance, C = filter env rate. Set a mid-high env rate with MW at max for a cool pitch effect.
Dtn Saws MW
- simple, detuned saw pad. MW at max does a sort of s/h filter sound
5th Saws MW ABC
- analog sounding interval patch. midi a = filter, midi b = fenv rate, midi c = filter env amount (higher values turn the filter from negative to positive modulation),
- this sounds pretty good for an 8bit synth! MW = resonance lfo modulation, midi a = filter freq
Pad (resample)
- probably one of my favorite things to do with the emu. get a nice pad going, apply a bunch of FX, hold down some keys and resample that pad! I think it was made using the 5th saws patch originally..
Dubstep? MW+VEL
- somewhat dirty dubstep style bass. MW = lfo amount to filter freq. Velocity controls the rate of the lfo.
Crunchy (MW)
- sounds like rain, applause? waves? depends how many keys you hold down.. MW = lfo to filter freq

Tama Techstar Bank
Just a collection of drum sounds that i made and sampled directly from a Tama Techstar 305 analog drum machine. It sounds kind of 'simmons'-ish. There are some interesting sounds but it is pretty hard to program 'good' sounds out of it. Still, you can do some cool stuff with them and the emu's filters. I don't know why I sampled at 24000hz.. maybe i thought it would give some lofi grit..?

MW = filter env amount
MidiA = filter freq
Midi B = filter resonance
meeblip and tama techstar banks
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby override » Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:29 pm

Here's another one I've been sitting on

Override DX7 EP (well.. tx7)

The TX7 is basically a monophonic DX7 mk1 without keys. I LOVE the sound of the classic 80s DX7 EP. So, I found a sysex bank that had the original factory patches for the DX7 to load into my TX7. This bank is based around E Piano 1 (patch 11) which is the quintessential DX EP sound. I sampled it directly from the output of the TX7 (which is a little noisy and the 12-bit DAC of the TX7 makes some aliasing errors). Sampling: 16 notes ranging from A-1 to A6 and 4 separate recordings of each note at velocity 32, 64, 96, & 127. Created the multisamples, set the velocity switches and made 6 patches which have different FX and velocity layers to give a variety of tones of this classic sound. I didn't pay attention to saving space or whatever (most people have 128mb ram so who cares?). Every sample is 10s long to get the entire env/decay of the sound. All patches span the whole length of an 88 key keyboard.The entire bank is ~55mb.

Patch List:
P000 DX7 EP Full - All velocity layers & multi-samples
P001 DX7 EP Med - Just samples from velocities 32 & 64
P002 DX7 EP SuperSoft - Only samples from velocity 32
P003 DX7 EP Hard - Samples with velocities 96 & 127
P004 DX7 EP Med+ - Samples with velocities 64 & 96
P005 DX7 EP SuprPhase - Samples with velocity 32 & some heavy phasing effects

All patches have the ModWh routed to something so play with that. Also I usually routed an LFO or KeyRand+ to fine pitch just a tad to give some instability to prevent the sound from being sterile. All the patches have FXA and FXB running so be sure to enable FX and set it to follow the presets.

Now, the best part: one very cool mistake occurred when I was sampling. I had the emu set to auto-loop & crossfade the samples in the last 10% or so.. It did this fairly well but because the sound is constantly decaying if you hold down a chord and wait till it get's into the loop section you start to hear a kind of moving sequence of the chord as each loop repeats part of the last bit of decay in the sound. I may not be explaining it properly but it sounds great and makes for some interesting moving/textured pads.
Check out P008 Moving Chords to get an idea of what you can achieve by resampling this. This patch has a range of resamples I took going all the way up the keyboard in octaves. Original pitches are at the G key in each octave. Midi A and B are routed to Filter Freq and Filter Res respectively. ModWh is routed to an LFO controlling Filter Freq

The bank is too large to attach to the post so you can DOWNLOAD HERE
It was quite a bit of work but I had a lot of fun setting this bank up. Enjoy!
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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby JAHFUNK » Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:49 am



This drum bank has been created to make kit building easier. The bank will allow you to work with your sampler as if it's a drum machine. If you follow the instructions below you will be able to add your own sounds and continue to work this way.
The bank is 8.2 MB and consists of 226 drum hits. All samples are at max level with start points set to the absolute beginning of the WAVs.
To add this number of sounds and keep memory usage low most samples are mono and some have been down-sampled without any noticeable loss of quality.


Kicks X 25
Snares X 29
Claps X 26
Closed Hats X 28
Open Hats X 26
Toms X 25
Percussion X 32
Bongos X 15
Ride Cymbals X 11
Crash Cymbals X 9


In the Bank you will find a Preset for each category listed above followed by a GM style Preset. To change any sample just select the voice number and dial in a new one. All samples are held in memory by category and stored by instrument type so it's easy to audition them just as you would on a drum machine.
Most main hits have their own Group number so tuning, ENV shaping, pan & volume changes can easily be carried out.


To add new sounds to the memory and maintain this arrangement, work as follows...

1. Load together all your sounds and create presets by instrument category.
2. Name each Preset eg. MY KICKS, MY SNARES and so forth.
3. EXPORT the Presets one by one.
4. Empty the samplers memory.
5. Browse to JF DRUM BANK on your HD, then browse the presets within this Bank.
6. Load JAFUNKS KICKS Preset.
7. Find and load your own kick Preset.
8. Repeat this for each category.
9. Finally load the GM DRUMS Preset.

Rather than using the GM Preset as a starting point copy it to a new Preset and tweak this to build a new kit.
Once a new kit is created the entire Bank can either be saved to include the new kit or use the Export Preset feature to save only the new kit.

If you like this way of working you might also consider Merging the Drum Envelope Shaper that ja-ki has posted above and try some of the drum design ideas discussed in this thread LINK...

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Re: Sample Upload Thread

Postby virtualant » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:35 pm

Great Sounds here, especially Jahfunk, you made a great job! Thank you ;-)
Still sorting and just beginning to load all of these into my EMU and try to understand what's going on.
They are a great source for learning the Cords, i'm still a beginner with this. I want to use them later as templates for my own samples.
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